How to order a board?

The best way to get in contact is over email, once we touch base we can start figuring out the board & design best suited for you! Once an order is placed and material cost deposit made the fun begins, figuring out size specs, colors specs and fin configurations

How much does a custom board cost?

The prices of boards vary depending on size, model and glass work. Generally shortboards 6’ under start at $550, Mid Lengths $600, Longboards $700 (Prices increase depending on glasswork & materials). If you have any questions or ideas shoot me an email and we can discuss pricing!

How long does it take?

Typically boards can be expected to be finished in 6 weeks, but it really comes down to a couple variables, what type of board is it, how many orders are in the que and how elaborate the glass job is. Best thing to do is contact me and we can discuss production time.


Yes. All boards are made by hand with a planar and sanding blocks. Surf culture was founded on craftsmanship, there’s something special about hand shaping surfboards and developing a relationship between surfer and shaper. The goal is to keep that tradition going!