s.S. hull

The S.S. Hull was developed out of exploration for new sensations on a wave face, with the central themes being trim, glide & speed. The board takes reference from where single fins first originated but incorporates years of advancements and the desire to find new lines. My draw to single fins has always been an organic relationship with waves themselves, letting the wave show you the path instead of forcing your will upon them. The S.S. Hull features a mellow rolled bottom transitioning into a single/spiral v through the tail. This loosens up the tail and allows you to surf it from the back foot, while simultaneously keeping the feeling of glide and trim a displacement hull gives you while towards the front 2/3 of the board. The board works best from high 6’ to high 7’ range, intended to be a fair - good wave monster. Can be used as a standard single fin or incorporate side bites for that little extra hold when making critical maneuvers.




The Skipper is a point break dream! Features a single concave starting at the nose and running into a double through the back 2/3 of the tail with a hint of flat right behind the fin box; it’s down rail with a tri-plane blended into the bottom concaves. Great glide with crazy rail to rail action! Ideal size varies from low 7’ to upper 8’ range depending on your goals on the wave. This has become a classic in the quiver, great for small fun days sharing waves with friends and even better when the waves turn on! Recommended fin set up is a single fin with two individual fcs side bites, allows for the classic loose tail a single fin is known for while providing just the right amount of extra hold when the wave gets moving.



HP Single

Driven by progression the HP Single was developed as a stark contrast to what has become the standard style while surfing a high performance wave, referring to the classic thruster wiggle requiring multiple pumps to activate any semblance of drive or speed. Single fins provide a cleaner more thoughtful approach to surfing & when done right are capable of handling pumping surf with unbelievable amounts of hold and release; relying on surfing from your rails and utilizing glide & trim. Key features include a chine running 2/3 of the board with a single concave starting in the nose, transitioning into a double concave and ending with four-six channels running off the tail. What that boils down to is ease of paddling, unprecedented rail to rail maneuverability & hold in the part of a turn that matters with extra release where it’s fun. Sizes that work best high 5’ to 7’ range!



Camper Twin fish

The Camper is a modern take on the traditional fish, keeping the speed, drive and looseness a traditional fish is known for while including 40 years of design evolution. The Camper has a couple variations of designs depending on how close to the original or how performance oriented you want the board to surf. Bottom contours vary from fully neutral to deep concaves with channels, lets talk and see which suits the lines you’re looking to find.



Day Tripper

The Day Tripper is a good break from the daily grind, focused on speed, glide & trim the sensation of using a glider is unmatched. A Glider is a great way to change gears from normal surf sessions and expectations, perfect for cruising clean surf on even the smallest of days. These boards are sensational to ride, almost not even needing a wave, gliders can get up and planning on the smallest of swell. Chasing long rides & linking sections on small days the Day Tripper can be just as rewarding as when the waves turn on and your mid lengths / shorter boards come out.